Monroe, MI Central Vacuums

Zimm's central vacuum systems make it convenient, quick, and easy to keep your home tidy. By cleaning faster, you can save precious time for more important things. We are your source for excellent central vacuums in Monroe, MI and the surrounding area.

Central Vacuum Installations

We are experts of central vacuum installations. With quick, professional installation, we make sure you have a quality system that will efficiently clean your home for years or even decades to come. By carefully piping the vacuum tubes, we also help you avoid clogs.

Central Vacuum Repairs & Maintenance

We aim to provide the best possible central vacuum repair and maintenance services. We take the time to carefully identify the issue and ensure that it is correctly fixed so that your vacuum operates smoothly again.

Central Vacuum Parts & Accessories

One of the best parts about central vacuum systems is that there is an attachment for a wide variety of cleaning needs. From hardwood floors to cupboards to carpet, you can find the accessory you need to clean any surface. There's even tools for pet grooming, and pets feel more comfortable with the quiet operation of central vacuums.

We are dedicated to serving our customers, whether that's helping you find a port in the right color for your walls or tuning up your system. Contact us today to learn more about our central vacuums available in Monroe, MI.