Make your life easier with a central vacuum system from Zimm's!

Cleaning with a central vacuum is fast, easy, and more effective than traditional vacuums. Here at Zimm's, we are dedicated to helping our customers keep their homes clean and tidy without breaking a sweat.

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Michigan Central Vacuum Systems

Zimm's is a family and locally owned business dedicated to meeting all of your central vacuum needs. Whether you need help with central vacuum installation, repairs, new accessories, or replacement components, Zimm's has you covered. We guarantee prompt, professional service honed from decades of experience.

Why Use a Central Vacuum?

Central vacuum systems offer unparalleled convenience and cleaning power. When using a central vacuum, you don't have to carry any heavy, bulky motor, only a lightweight hose, wand, and cleaning attachment. Using different accessories, you are able to clean virtually any surface with a central vacuum. With five times the power of traditional vacuums, these systems also clean more effectively and provide significantly cleaner air in the home.

Clean faster and make time for the important things in life with a central vacuum system from Zimm's. Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from one of our central vacuum systems.