Central Vacuum Power Nozzle Repairs

As one of the most frequently used accessories, power nozzles will need service or repairs at some point or another. With a variety of moving parts, these are prone to being gummed up by hair, fur, string, and cords. Zimm’s is ready to repair your power nozzle and ensure that it is running smoothly for maximum cleaning efficiency.

What’s Involved in a Power Nozzle Repair?

The most common repair for a power nozzle is to take it apart, clean it, loosen any tight components, and lubricate any joints. However, sometimes we may recommend simply replacing the unit. Newer units offer much greater cleaning power and are often lighter than outdated nozzles.

Zimm’s has the expertise to handle any central vacuum repair or service you may need. Contact us today to schedule power nozzle repair services from the professionals.