Central Vacuum Clog Fixes

Most central vacuum users will experience a clog at some point or another. Poor installation jobs and user error alike can lead to clogs. Regardless of your situation, Zimm’s will remove the obstruction and make sure your system is operating at peak performance.

What Causes a Clog and How Do You Fix it?

With the greater suction power of central vacuums, it is easy to accidentally suck up pens, pencils, glass, or other large objects that will cause a clog somewhere in the system. We utilize high-power vacuums, hand snakes, power snakes, and other tools to quickly remove clogs and obstructions. Afterwards, we run a lubricated cleaning cloth through the pipes to ensure the clog was completely removed.

We are dedicated to serving our customers with first-rate central vacuum repairs. Contact us today for prompt, professional central vacuum clog removal service.