Shop Central Vacuum Accessories & Replacement Parts


The accessories available for central vacuums make these systems even more convenient and useful. Cleaning attachments allow you to clean virtually any surface with your central vacuum, while tools like the Hide-a-Hose make it easier than ever to start cleaning. Zimm's offers a wide array of accessories for sale so that you can make the most of your central vacuum with easy cleaning.

Replacement Parts

Central vacuum systems are built to last for decades, requiring very little maintenance from the homeowner. However, some accessories may wear out or break with ordinary usage. Zimm’s offers a full line of replacement parts for all makes and models of central vacuum systems. Hoses, individual attachments, and power nozzles are some of the most commonly replaced components. The good news is that almost all accessories are interchangeable, meaning they can be used universally with a system of any brand.

Zimm's has all of the central vacuum accessories and replacement parts you may need. If you're not sure what you need, we can help you find the right part for your system.

Life is too short to spend hours and hours cleaning. Contact us today to speed up your household chores with our convenient central vacuum accessories.

Acclaim 12 by Sebo Electric Kit  $680.00 White Glove Kit  $555.00
 CleanTeam Deluxe Cleaning Kit with Hose Sock  $480.00  TurboTeam Deluxe Cleaning Kit  $390.00
40' Garage & Car Care Kit

40' Car Care Kit

E-Z Grip Hose $173.00
With Hose Sock $213.00
TurboGrip Hose $163.00
With Hose Sock $203.00
TurboCat Zoom Powerhead $157.00 TurboCat Powerhead
 Zippered Hose Sock
Standard Hose Sock
RugRat Hand Brush
Turn & Clean Floor Brush $26.00 Premium 12" Floor Brush $22.00 Premium Throw Rug Tool $20.00
Premium Crevice Tool
Premium Dusting Brush
Premium Upholstery Tool
  Adjustable Wand


Vac-N-Groom Pet Brush
 Microfiber Dust Mop Tool $28.00 Replacement Dust Mop Head $14.00 

 Universal Inlet Valve