Hide-a-Hose Central Vacuum Accessory

Anyone who’s ever used a traditional vacuum with a hose or a central vacuum system knows that the hose can be a bit of a hassle. Rolling up the hose and putting it away adds time and effort to vacuuming any room. With Hide-a-Hose, you pull the hose directly out of the wall for instant cleaning and easy storage.

With Hide-a-Hose, you can pull out just enough hose to get the job done without fussing over the tubing. When you’re all finished, the central vacuum motor will quickly pull the hose back into the wall. All in all, Hide-a-Hose makes for easy, fast vacuum cleaning.

Clean quicker and make time for the important things in your life with Hide-a-Hose. Contact us today to schedule a hide-a-hose installation at your location.