Central Vacuum Power Nozzles

Central vacuum power nozzles are a highly-effective tool for cleaning carpets and area rugs. Used at the end of your vacuum hose, these attachments use a rotating brush to vibrate the carpet and bring dirt up to the surface. For cleaning carpets, there's nothing better than a central vacuum system with a power nozzle from Zimm’s.

How Do Central Vacuum Power Nozzles Work?

Power nozzles use a rotating brush that is either air-driven or electrically-driven to deeply clean the carpet. These function much like the head or nozzle of a traditional vacuum, using brushes to help extract more dust and dirt and leave the carpet with that nice fluffy appearance.

Central vacuum power nozzles offer fast, deep carpet cleaning. With Zimm’s power nozzle attachments, you will enjoy healthier air and more convenient cleaning.

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