Michigan Central Vacuum Installation

Woman holding a vacuumCentral vacuum systems are perfect for homes of all shapes and sizes, providing deeper cleaning and cleaner air. As experts of central vacuum installation, we will quickly and easily install a high-quality system in your home. Our professional vacuum technicians will install the system with zero damage to your home or drywall. In fact, we often complete the process in less than a day.

The Central Vacuum Installation Process

Any home or building can have a central vacuum system installed. 2" PVC piping is installed inside of the walls (between the stud space) and ran back to either the garage or mechanical room of the house or building, where the main central vacuum power unit is mounted. The central vacuum power unit creates the high suction power for vacuuming and collects all of the dirt in a bucket or large paper bag. The motor is vented to the outside of the house to eliminate any dust from escaping inside of the home and to reduce the sound of the unit.

More Information About Central Vacuum Installation

New construction is the easiest time for installation but existing homes are still easily retrofitted. Here at Zimm's Central Vacuum Systems, our staff has over 30 years experience in installing systems in new and existing homes. So the homeowner can rest assured that they will experience a smooth and hassle free installation.

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