VACUFLO Central Vacuum Parts & Services

VACUFLO is a full product line of superb central vacuum systems and accessories. Zimm's is proud to provide repair, maintenance, and installation services for all VACUFLO systems. We also sell a full line of VACUFLO accessories.


We often recommend VACUFLO systems to customers for their remarkable performance and reliability. VACUFLO systems are also noteworthy for being designed for easy use with Hide-a-Hose, one of the most popular and convenient central vacuum accessories. Altogether, VACUFLO systems and accessories offer excellent value at affordable prices. Combined with the multi-year warranty offered by the manufacturer, these systems are always a top pick for our customers.

Whether you need a replacement component, have an issue that needs fixing, or would like to install a brand new system, our professional technicians are ready to help. We will make sure your VACUFLO system is working perfectly so that you can clean easily and efficiently.

Contact us today for expert service with your VACUFLO system.